We are changing the way our world is powered.

Trusted experts with years of industry experience.

Our team offers over a decade of experience in renewable energy, serving clients ranging from the underserved communities of the developing world to the leaders of nations.


Holistic system design that delivers long term value.

Our systems utilize industry leading components to maximize long-term value for our clients. Learn how we deliver the lowest possible lifetime cost of energy.


Exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Our reputation means everything. Whether working on a remote island in the Pacific or a rural school in Zambia, our project managers deliver under budget and on time.


An international renewable energy microgrid utility, providing reliable power at prices lower than fossil fuels.

We believe that reliable energy is a human right. At Standard Microgrid, we aim to develop an international renewable energy microgrid utility capable of serving everyone from the rural poor to those most well off in our society. Our approach is based in economic foundations: We design power systems that deliver more reliable and lower cost power throughout their useful life than the fossil fuel alternative.

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